Madam / Sir,

Good evening!

I have a query regarding the article I read at:

The article explains the withholding tax of job order personnel in the Philippines. Through the article, I became aware of the mandated tax for JO personnel which classify into two:
1st is the tax mandated for local resident suppiers of services which is 2% (under Section 2.57.2 (N))
and 2nd is the tax mandated for local resident professionals with gross income not exceeding 720,000 which is 10%, and those with gross income exceeding 720,000 which is 15% (under Section 2.57.2 (A))

I am working as a college instructor in a state university. I am an Industrial Engineer (not licensed since we do not have licensure examination). I just want to know, which tax classification for JO personnel applies in my situation?

Thank you very much and I truly hope that you could help me in this concern.