Hi, I’ve been working for my company for almost 6 years, and I did not experience any tax tefund ever since compated with my two previous companies/employer. There was a time that we should pay additional tax adjustment that we should pay at the end of the year, and the reason of the company was it’s their mistake on the computation.

Is it possible that our company is not entitled to give us tax refund because as what they are saying that they are paying or deducting our taxes with the right amount?

And if compared the same income and same Tax Status on the other company, ourtaxes are really high.

I am single mother, and my son is 8years old with mild autism. Is there a new policy of deducting witholding taxes on my status in life..?

By the way additional information, Im working as a Sales Representative. We are recieving incentives if we are able to hit our target. Isn’t there will be increase of deduction if my income get high because of this? But if not, my tax should have fixed deductions per month, right?

Hoping for your response so I can understand more how to compute my tax.

Thank you in advance.

Gross income : Php 26,000 ( whole month )
Additional car allowance (included with tax ) : Php 10,000

How much should the company deduct of my witholding tax?

Because I’m paying almost Php 5,000 total per month this is without incentives.