Hello, I am going to pay for my 2550M, I would like to ask if do I have to pay for the VAT below aside from the EWT that already withheld by the developer. Below is my details:

Real Estate Broker

Gross Commission: 129,342.50
EWT: 11,548.44 (2307 Remitted by the developer)
Net Commission: 117,794.06
Net of VAT: 115,484.38
VAT: 13,858.13

Does this mean since I am a vat-registered, I have to pay for the 13,858.13? What if I don’t have input tax to deduct from this? Based on the Offline-eBIR Form, there’s no OSD (or this only works on 1701?) Or Can I deduct the EWT from the VAT?

Your replies are highly appreciated. Thank you