Good day!

I worked for a month at UP and they are the ones who processed my TIN so I’m pretty confident that everything will be okay. I worked there from November to December (project-based). So after that, they gave me my TIN Number and told me that I have to fill up the form which was emailed to me once I get employed in a private company.

Fast forward to this day (I just got employed last month). I have not gone to my RDO yet because I thought the company will do it for me. I was only notified today that I have to transfer my RDO to the RDO of my company. Apparently, our accountant saw that I’m tagged as a professional – which I’m not. I’m worried because I’m told that I have to pay things and it is quite huge for me because I just started working and still do not have much.

Can this be resolved without me paying for anything? What should I do? I greatly appreciate your responses regarding this matter.