Hello there, I am completely new in dealing tax matters including filing “no transaction online”. I spent few hours researching how to do it, but couldn’t find any thread that exactly answers my question. Any help here will greatly appreciated.

I need to file “no transaction” online, the corporation was built last year (2016) and have no idea that we have to deal the monthly return, which i found out just recently (march 2017) i payed the penalty and every damages, but still have to do it myself for the succeeding months. I’m trying to access the eFPS and enroll to it but can’t proceed. At the step 1 process (under eFPS enrollment) there’s is this ‘Reason for eFiling” section which consists several choices including; Large taxpayers, Volunteering taxpayer, Top twenty Thousand taxpayer companies, top 50,000 individuals, local government units, bidder/s, bank borrower/s, stockbrokers/s, 10 million paid up capital, CAS (computerized accounting system), PEZA registered enterprises, National government agencies (NGA), Importers/Custom Brokers, TAMP taxpayers, Revenue collection officers (RCOs). under which category should i register? our corporation is just a small scale company. Is there any step by step guide or links available for this matter? I’m lost. i’m no expert and if i cant successfully file, i’ll be paying for another 2000 penalty for no transaction. Please help. thank you.