My employer has consciously failed to withhold taxes from our pay checks (my employer-a call center- has been doing business here in Cebu since June or July of 2015); and for this calendar year of 2016, they only started to withhold taxes during our oct 30 2016, paycheck,our HR and payroll person been using BIR tax calculator to calculate the deductions (SS, pgibig and phil health) and the tax and so now they doubling our taxes or withholding amounts, to cover the deficit and I am told that they are going to pull monies from our 13th month (to be given on the 23rd dec) to help cover the deficit.I have 2 questions: 1) i read on your eb site a BIR circular that is the responsibility of the employer to withhold taxes and failure to do so, the employer is subject to sanctions plus fines, are the employees liable for these. and 2nd question, is it legal for them to pull monies from our 13th month to cover the deficit? Response to these questions will be greatly appreciated, currently there are about 30 employees. and if they do this, I will file a complaint with NLRC and report them to the BIR, is these a viable option for us to take…thanks for your kind review and response.and also during this year and last year there are former employees, several of them, that left the organization without taxes withheld.