I started working in August 2006 at a company based in Makati. It was my first employer so they were the one who processed my BIR registration. The company already closed and went back to the US due to the recession back then.

After that, I started working for a another company in Mandaluyong. I have provided my new employer with the TIN that was given to me and they had me accomplish forms 1905 and 2305 for the transfer / update. They gave me a copy of the 2316 yearly so I thought there was no issue regarding my TIN.

This year, I moved to another company in Makati and was asked to process the 1905 and 2305 in able to transfer my records to their RDO. I know that if the employer will not process it for you then you will have to go to the RDO of your previous employer and have the form 1905 stamped-received.

So I went to my previous employer’s RDO but was informed that the records are with RDO 067 Legazpi City, which was my hometown before relocating & working here in Metro Manila in August 2006. It also troubled me because that’s a 10-hour drive from Manila to Legazpi and my restdays are on the weekends.

So I made a long distance call to RDO 067 Legazpi and was informed to email their TSS (Taxpayers Services Section) for the 1905 to be processed. I felt relieved knowing that I no longer need to travel for this. The same day, I emailed their TSS a scanned copy of my valid gov’t IDs and duly accomplished BIR form 1905 for the transfer.

The next day, I received an email reply from their TSS that they can’t process the 1905 because I’m a registered Single Proprietorship with tax type / codes; Annual Registration Fee, Income Tax and Value Added Tax. I replied back that I’m a private employee since 2006 and I don’t have any business. I asked them when it was registered as a business, what was the registered business address, what was the business name and what documents do they need to prove that I’m a private employee since 2006. Sent it and waited for their reply.

The next day, I called the BIR call center, gave my TIN and was also told the same thing. That in their records I have been registered on August 2006 as a Single Proprietorship with the tax codes RF, IT & VAT. However, the BIR agent told me that there was no registered business name or trade name under that TIN but only my legal name. He can’t also find the registered business address.

The same day, I received an email reply from the TSS of BIR RDO 067 Legazpi, with screenshots of my BIR registration information and pending cases and that I needed to settle my tax liabilities.

What!? Cases!? Liabilities!? I’m a private employee, my taxes are being withheld by previous employers and I’ve received several copies of the yearly 2316.

I’ve sent an email to both RDO 067 and the BIR call center email but haven’t gotten any reply yet. It’s been already a week.

Help!!! What should I do about this? Thanks in advance.